Performing Arts Programs for 3 to 4 year olds

These 9 week programs are offered seasonally in the winter, spring and fall.
Please note that our programs have been altered slightly to accommodate the virtual format for the spring 2020 session. Typically each of our sessions will end in a production on the final day of classes, but due to the current health and safety restrictions in place, we can not guarantee a final performance at this time. If we are able to switch to an in-class format before the end of the session, we will look to do a showcase for parents in the final class if the physical distancing restrictions allow. We thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Theatre for Tots

Our unique, fun and creative methods introduce very young children to the joys of theatre as they act out and bring to life a collection of charming stories over the course of the program - featuring a new one each week! This 45 minute weekly program, taught by theatre and teaching professionals, features basic acting instruction, creative movement, music, sing-alongs and imaginative play based on the theme and story of the week.  

Theatre for Tots is offered on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings. See our Spring 2020 Schedule.


$150 (-15%) / 9 weeks

Broadway Tots

This fun and creative musical theatre program provides an enriching environment for children to sing, dance and pretend. This 45 minute weekly program provides an imaginative environment filled with the perfect harmony of singing, movement, acting and hands-on activities. Our dedicated theatre and teaching professionals engage children in learning and allow them to explore music concepts while building concentration, co-ordination, diction, rhythm, musicality, self-expression and confidence.

Broadway Tots is offered on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. See our Spring 2020 Schedule

$150 (-15%) / 9 weeks

Twinkling Toes

This fun and creative dance program introduces young children to the joys of dance and imaginative play. This 45 minute weekly program combines creative movement with the basic components of ballet and jazz. The young dancers will have the opportunity to develop grace and creativity, while having fun and allowing their personalities to flourish. The only experience needed is knowing how to have fun and having a love for dance.

Twinkling Toes is offered on Monday evenings this Spring. See our Spring 2020 Schedule


$150 (-15%) / 9 weeks

Hip Hop for Kids (4 to 8 year olds)

Jump, spin and dance to the music in this fun, high-energy 45 minute, weekly class for young dancers. The movements and exercises will develop greater body awareness, flexibility, strength and control as well as musicality, style and performance personality. Students will also be given an opportunity to express their freestyle movements, fostering their own unique style and building their self-confidence as the class cheers them on.

Hip Hop for Tots is offered on Monday afternoons. See our Spring 2020 Schedule


$150 (-15%) / 9 weeks

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What You Will Need for our Virtual Spring Programs:

  • Reliable Internet Connection - Be sure to test your connectivity in the space your child will be using

  • Zoom Account - Set up and tested in advance of the first class

  • Access to a device that supports Zoom, preferably a tablet, ipad, desktop or laptop (large enough to see and follow the instructor). Be sure to have the volume turned UP!!

  • A quiet, safe space for your child to enjoy their program. This space should have a large enough open space to move around in and be free of distractions (including pets, family members, electronics, etc.) 

  • As is customary for all of your programs, please have your child go to the bathroom prior to the start of the class. We also ask that they wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, have their hair out of their face and have a water bottle handy.

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