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Performing Arts Programs for 3 to 4 year olds

These 9 week programs are offered seasonally in the winter, spring and fall. Each session ends in a production on the final day of classes and children can register over multiple sessions without repeating the same performance. Costumes and all materials are included.

Theatre for Tots

Our unique, fun and creative methods introduce very young children to the joys of theatre as they bring to life a charming story, based on classic fairy tales such as Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs in the final performance to family and friends on the last class. This 45 minute weekly program, taught by theatre and teaching professionals, features basic acting instruction, movement, music and production crafts where the children have an opportunity to put their mark on their performance in the creation of sets, props, and lobby display artwork.  

Theatre for Tots is offered on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings. See our Winter 2020 Schedule.

The Winter Session will feature The Tortoise and the Hare.

$150/9 weeks

Broadway Tots

This fun and creative musical theatre program provides an enriching environment for children to sing, dance and pretend. This 45 minute weekly program provides an imaginative environment filled with the perfect harmony of singing, movement, acting and hands-on activities. Our dedicated theatre and teaching professionals engage children in learning and allow them to explore music concepts while building concentration, co-ordination, diction, rhythm, musicality, self-expression and confidence. The children will showcase their collection of show-stopping popular family musical numbers in a final performance that is sure to get the audience up on its feet!

Broadway Tots is offered on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. See our Winter 2020 Schedule

$150/9 weeks

Twinkling Toes

This fun and creative dance program introduces young children to the joys of dance and imaginative play. This 45 minute weekly program combines creative movement with the basic components of ballet and jazz. The young dancers will have the opportunity to develop grace and creativity, while having fun and allowing their personalities to flourish. Children will showcase their 'twinkling toes' for family and friends in a final performance featuring the music from a popular children's movie such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Tangled! The only experience needed is knowing how to have fun and having a love for dance.

Twinkling Toes is offered on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. See our Winter 2020 Schedule

The Winter Session will feature music from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell movies.

$150/9 weeks

Hip Hop for Tots

Jump, spin and dance to the music in this fun, high-energy 45 minute, weekly class for young dancers. The movements and exercises will develop greater body awareness, flexibility, strength and control as well as musicality, style and performance personality. Students will also be given an opportunity to express their freestyle movements, fostering their own unique style and building their self-confidence as the class cheers them on. The dancer's efforts will be rewarded with the rich sound of applause during a rousing performance for family and friends on the final day of classes. 

Hip Hop for Tots is offered on Saturday afternoons. See our Winter 2020 Schedule

$150/9 weeks

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Winter Registration Starts November 15th!
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